FashionTechPR is a small team of editors and marketing specialists managing public relations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Silicon Beach, Silicon Valley, New York, and China. The company provides brand development, media relations, and event production for designers and retailers in fashion and wearable tech. The owner of FashionTechPROwen Geronimo, utilizes his innovative approach to fashion marketing and magnetic social presence to influence the market and to sell clients’ brands as pioneers and innovators.

In the fashion world, brand name recognition is how most fashion companies make their money. The revenue that comes into a fashion organization is based on the popularity of that organization’s brand name. FashionTechPR is well aware of the essential need for a strong brand name and that is why the professionals at FashionTechPR have become the experts at developing a valuable and recognizable brand name for fashion clients all over the world. FashionTechPR is a firm that specializes in the kinds of clients that rely on their name and reputation to make money.

The professionals at FashionTechPR are well-versed in developing brand name recognition and developing boutique communications plans for smaller fashion firms as well. FashionTechPR has the expertise to create a continuous plan to bring your name to the right target audiences, and it also has the resources to turn any small fashion organization into the hottest topic of conversation in Paris and New York.

FashionTechPR / Fashion Tech Media ® LLC is a brand development consulting firm and boutique publicity relations entity specializing in digital media and focused on fashion & technology sectors.  To learn more about WearTechCon please go to our homepage to learn more about our latest articles.

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